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Dec 2013
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Periodically, we publish this newsletter to our clients and industry friends. We cover many of the events that are shaping the media and entertainment industry from a film financing perspective. We hope you will find it valuable and we welcome your feedback and questions!


René Bourdages,

Founder & CEO

In this Issue

Why most films never make a profit

Media outlets rarely report the financial detail of the independent film process, and many investors are shocked to learn only two-three percent of films produced make a net profit

Film financing compared to Real Estate

Quite often, first time investors have a hard time wrapping their head around what it means to finance a film. Where do I start? What’s the bigger picture? But if you have a general understanding of how real estate projects come about, then you already have the framework for the life of a film, from start to finish. So lets simplify the film production phases and the real estate phases, and highlight their key structural similarities.


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Who we are
Elevado is a boutique executive consulting and advisory company for filmmakers and television production companies. We provide senior level consulting services for financing, marketing and distribution of indie feature films and TV programming.
Film Financing Glossary
"Of course, yes, right...okay, I have no idea what you're talking about". Just like most industries, the film industry is full of terms and phrases that aren't so self explanatory, but don't worry, Elevado's got your back! We've put together a list of important terms to know while you're in the room.
Industry Events
We hope you had the opportunity to enjoy the magic of the American Film Market this November like we did! AFM truly is everything they say it is, and Elevado was right in the mix! We brought this year to a close with the Alternative Investment Summit in Laguna Niguel, CA from Dec 8th-10th, where René Bourdages discussed “Styles and Strategies: Key Investment Opportunities in 2014 ”. Now, with the year 2014 upon us, the industry turns its attention to the Consumer Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas from January 7th-10th.
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